Chemical Greenhouse Clip Products

Chemical Greenhouse Clip

Antalya Clips Greenhouse Clip Products from Design to Chemistry

We produce all our greenhouse clip products in Antalya Clips, from extruder mold production to chemistry knowledge. Our efforts to breathe a different life into the sector again are continuing at full speed. As with our tabbed and Hammerhead clip models, it has been a part of chemical engineering as well as superior designs.  First of all, why is design important ? Why is chemistry important ? It is worth understanding these two questions well.

Antalya Clips | The Importance of Greenhouse Clip Design

Designs change the practice and activate the decision-making mechanism in the visible use of a product or object such as line, color, texture, shape, etc. So what do we pay attention to when designing our greenhouse clip products.

Line : Hammer head and segmented greenhouse clip is the design concept that we provide based on hammer strike lines, high-level lock lines and tightening lines that facilitate the work that is the meaning of design in our products.

Color : The greenhouse clip products are actually all white, the important thing is that the white is the chemicals that the tone reflects the quality. 2. The design is bright and milky white. we produce our products based on the reflection of the light of our color quality, which is one of the ingredients.

Texture : In all the products we have examined, we would like to take almost all of them in one hand and touch them without noticing the sector. We reinforce its quality with our tissue senses and make our decision accordingly. It is precisely at this point that our greenhouse clip productions also include quality chemical formulas that give a shiny and slippery feeling of the design we have created 3. it has hit the part of the tissue that is the substance.

Format : It is precisely this point that the design and formatting of the design is one of the most important tricks of quality. In this sense, the greenhouse clip models we produce do not break during ramming, have a superior tightening ability in stormy weather, and do not cut nylon provide the upper differences in the shape of the product we will produce. Because we know this very well, it adds quality to the quality of greenhouse installation companies from the Antalya Clips user who has overhauled the direction of the sector from top to bottom.

We protect the pearl crops of our homeland with Antalya Clips, which is the guardian of the agricultural sector in agriculture with the meanings given above, under our protection.

Antalya Clips | The Importance of Greenhouse Clip Chemistry

First of all, it is worthwhile to find out what chemistry means. Chemistry is a branch of science that studies the structure, properties, composition, interactions and reactions of matter. What is our understanding of chemistry that we exhibit in our greenhouse clip products, let’s get to know them now.

Structure of Substances : In the pvc formulas that will be used, which type of formula serves which structure, or when we evaluate the entire structure of a substance so that our products don’t stay open, break and throw away, important and high-quality formulated values have been used here. All of the accounts made in detail are customer-oriented and have the ability to promise the best.

Features : Producing products from only direct recycling that has been used for many years is a situation that almost all industry manufacturers have done wrong. We are obliged to formulate the products even if they are recycled. All kinds of chemical additives increase or decrease the product properties.  The formula products we use are different in tabbed clip and different in hammerhead clip. Since there are more different products in terms of their properties that will not serve the same purpose.

Composition and Interaction : We find it useful to keep these two substances under one roof. Because each composition shows its interactions very quickly in our industry, it causes us to concentrate directly on the interactive formulas that we have experienced for many years.  For this, we often do not change ideas fixed by experience.

Reactions : The most important part is that all the formulas mixed as a result of the reaction on the product and on the use, price, performance are very important to capture. Costing the best quality at the most expensive means a reaction not only on the product, but also on the spiritual one. A product with a high price increase in the competitive sunday is the reason why it is less preferred than others. Our work here reflects both the best of our styles and the most competitive prices in terms of our prices.

All the products that we produce as Antalya Clips are working on the values that have been given to labor.

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