Patented Greenhouse Clip Systems

Patented Greenhouse Clip

International Quality and Patented Greenhouse Clip Systems

The new generation greenhouse clip nylon fasteners that we have produced have become the meeting point of design and chemical engineering. The tests carried out and our documents have revealed our quality and environmental sensitivity at the international level. Institute of Turkish Standards (T.S.E) With our certificate, it has been revealed that we are in domestic quality standards.

Antalya Clips |Greenhouse Clip ISO 9001

ISO 9001: The Standard of our Greenhouse Clip Quality certificate, the fragility of our Antalya Clips Company, the high strength clamping action, which are the requirements of our customers, chemistry and customer satisfaction are the main articles of our focus. It means that we have an international qualification in terms of quality and performance. Let’s find out what are the benefits of our ISO 19901 Certificate for our company and our customers.

  • Becoming a structure that reduces customer complaints and increases customer satisfaction
  • Providing more effective and fast solutions by prioritizing our customers’ requests and suggestions for greenhouse clip products.
  • Keeping the increased quality costs the same as the market prices with more competitive prices.
  • Maturing the systematic sales network and production network by planning the products and productions, customer shipments in a more controlled manner
  • Improving the factory environment better, working more customer-oriented by minimizing costs and quality.
  • By increasing the quality, brand and customer satisfaction image of the company, more systematic progress is achieved.
  • All of this ensures that our customer focus becomes a corporate company.

Antalya Clips | Greenhouse Clip ISO 14001 Environmental Sensitivity Certificate

Our Greenhouse Clip quality is also proven by our Iso 14001 certificate, where we keep our environmental sensitivity at the forefront. By contributing to the national capital by providing environmental recycling, it is possible to make more harmful substances of nature into products again, to increase sensitivity and to offer our products to our customers at a high level within the framework of a more livable world. Let’s get acquainted with what exactly are the benefits of our ISO 14001 Document.

  • It will not be transferred to the national capital by recycling.
  • To have what you can be green and nature friendly for more
  • Being late in overtaking the car in the use of petroleum and its derivatives from PVC 0.
  • To give up getting rid of carcinogens by reducing their purchases to 0 by international circles.
  • Ensuring that they are grown in a way that can be projected for our environmentally friendly productions without sacrificing quality.

Antalya Clips | Greenhouse Clip TSE Certificate

Another document of ours is the Turkish Standards Institute within the framework of the borders of our country. It means that the necessary checks are carried out at the level that has reached the Turkish quality qualification and the products and products are presented to our customers. Companies that have earned the TSE Qualification certificate with an average of more than 2500 standards prevent poor-quality products from meeting customers, but their companies that have reached the qualification mean that their customers are controlled by the quality and can be safely preferred in this context. The following are the areas of use and reasons for choosing the TSE Document in our country.

  • It means that the quality of the service to be provided to government departments and businesses of the public, institutions and organizations has been proven and approved.
  • This is the level that our customers consider sufficient to make a decision by reviewing their documents when making their preferences.
  • A mechanism that works to review and ensure values
  • It is based on the KG Weight of the products produced and the thickness of the Meat. TSE Certificate is not given to quality products that have not reached the qualification level.

Antalya Clips | Greenhouse clip Trademark, Logo Registration Certificate

Although our trademark and logo have been registered at the international level and Antalya Clips name rights are reserved, logo-like designs, imitating colors and combinations and trademark infringement constitute 29 of the Industrial Property Law. The article provides for the process of legal proceedings.

Article 90 of the Constitution. It is important to avoid imitations of our trademark and logo, which are protected according to the article.

Antalya Clips |New Generation Tabbed Greenhouse Clip and Hammerhead Greenhouse Clip Design Registration Certificate

Antalya Clips, which has reached the final points where the redesigned products of its sector can come, has again protected its innovations at the international level.  You can examine the Meaning of Design Registration in more detail in the following article.

“Industrial design refers to the whole formed by various elements or properties of a product or part or ornament on it that are perceived by human senses, such as line, shape, shape, color, texture, material or flexibility.”

In today’s commercial life, developing original and new designs and presenting them to the consumer’s liking is not enough on its own to achieve commercial success. Therefore, the registration process of your related product must be done.

It is at this point that the importance of protecting the investments made, the labor expended and the idea that turns into a product arises. The right to block the use of other persons for commercial purposes without the permission of the owner in the rights obtained by protection is very important for the recycling of investments made both economically and socially. Otherwise, your originality and innovation will face threats such as theft of ideas, copying and imitation, and the right will become quite difficult to defend.

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