Antalya Clips About Us

SENGIL Plastic has been providing its customers with very useful and innovative products with the Procolor window profile brand, which it has been producing in the PVC Window and door sector since 1990.
It has taken its production to the highest level with its after-sales customer support, which guides the sector in all its plastic products it provides and is the reason it is preferred. SENGIL Plastic, one of the leading companies in its sector, produces Pvc window and door profiles, plastic suspended ceilings, ready-made windows, greenhouse clips, ready-made mosquito nets and hundreds of product models in its own structure with the Procolor brand.

Antalya Clips is a brand of SENGIL Procolor, and we started production in 1990, we had a structure that allowed us to sell products that we produced only as a company that produces plastic suspended ceilings in the region. Looking at the technologies of that day is a great success.


Our company has expanded its product range in the early 2000s by adding pvc window profile production, suspended ceiling production, door lambrequin and shutter production to its structure and has brought its sales network from the regional to the nearby provinces around Antalya.


In the intervening years, our company has expanded its product range further and produced almost all the products known in the construction sector in terms of decors, insulation and has expanded its sales network to almost all provinces of Turkey.

By investing in different sectors with agricultural products, it has also incorporated greenhouse clip models manufactured with PVC into its structure. Our sector network, which is quite wide, has managed to attract attention by presenting different and high quality designs than its sector with its years of experience and patented products. We continued by increasing our investments by exporting all the products we produce from Antalya to all over the world and becoming a company that makes its own molds even by itself.


2. We have established in Azerbaijan that we are not enough by producing highly successful products in greenhouse clip products by transferring all our production, knowledge and knowledge that continue today to the agricultural sector that we care about. we crowned it with our greenhouse clip factory.  Today, we have become a company that directs the greenhouse clip sector in both Antalya and Azerbaijan.

Why Antalya Clips?

To have a strong brand image with superior service and product quality, to fulfill its responsibilities to all employees of the products used in the sector and to the nature to protect the reputation of the company.

Quality Products

Greenhouse clips are made of superior quality with durable materials.


Compatible Products

Greenhouse clips are durable products that are compatible with all platfoms.


Happy Customers

We have thousands of happy customers in the greenhouse clip field from past to present.


Affordable Prices

As a greenhouse clip, the most affordable prices and quality products are here.