The Pearl Soil of the Homeland is Under Our Protection

The Pearl Soil of the Homeland

Antalya Clips The Pearl Soil of the Homeland is Under Our Protection

Quality is very important in the equipment and tools used in cover agriculture. In the materials used, the nylon of the greenhouse should not be thrown away in winter. For this, our motto “Antalya Clips Under Our Protection The Pearl Soil of the Homeland” approach has brought a lot to our customers. We have always been proud to offer the best with our innovative greenhouse clip product understanding.

We are working on the values of the Plastic Greenhouse clips we have produced so that crops such as Pearl can be produced in the soil of the homeland in all seasons.

The biggest feature that makes our Greenhouse Clip products valuable is that design and chemical engineering are embodied in a single body, namely the Antalya Clips brand.

Antalya Clips | From Homeland to Other Pearl Lands of the World

Focusing our Plastic Greenhouse clip products on world markets, exporting them from their motherland to all needed pearls of the world under the brand of Antalya Clips, means that every land we protect is under the guarantee of Antalya Clips.

High quality Plastic greenhouse clip products suit quality soils. Our products have been subjected to all unbreakable tests. In cold weather – from 10 degrees to + 47 degrees, our products did not open, break or loosen.

Our segmented new generation greenhouse clip products have taken their place among the drugs sought after in modern greenhouses. All you have to do is focus on your business with its medicine-like structure, which is not dismantled before the time comes, where you can safely grow crops in all of the Homeland, from storm to hurricane, without any worries.

With our hammer-head and earring greenhouse clip model, which has switched to a new generation 8mm iron, our plastic clip product, which shines in its homeland, has revolutionized the industry. It is another model of ours that does not cut nylon, has increased squeezing strength, does not break, does not crack, does not loosen, in short, has all the features you are looking for.

Antalya Clips | It will continue to innovate with its international patents

Of course, there are more than one reason why we are so confident about our Greenhouse Clip Products that will appeal to the Turkish and World markets. First of all, as Antalya Clips, our brand with which we will produce agricultural products with innovations and international quality, our sources of inspiration are as follows.

  • Antalya Clips, which is the SENGIL Procolor marak, carries all its knowledge and experience from 1990, when it first started production, to this day.
  • Being a factory that produces its own molds without being dependent on the outside
  • Being open to innovative ideas of customers
  • From the effort of our design and chemical engineers to do their job in the best way
  • From our marketing unit, which has an international sales network
  • From the trust of our customers in our quality
  • From the experience of pvc window profile that we have produced for years
  • Continuous priority given to young ideas

Well, only Antalya Clips only thinks about the end consumer, and aims to make the employees of the companies that do the greenhouse installation work easier, in a single product, to make their jobs easier.

With the wish that all the homeland that we aim to protect and keep under protection will meet with greenhouse plastic in crops that shine like pearls.

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