Banana Greenhouses and Greenhouse Installation Preference

Banana Greenhouses

Banana Greenhouses and Greenhouse Installation Preference

With the establishment of greenhouses and the increase in investments in greenhouses, the need for greenhouse clip products is starting to increase.

In the banana greenhouses that have gained momentum in recent years, plastic auxiliary products known as greenhouse nylon fastener products have started to change our customers’ preference for Antalya Clips products, and we have provided our customers with uninterrupted service with a total sales volume of 120,000 package clips in 2020.

Banana greenhouses can come to the point of falling into very difficult situations where installation and high acres of land are needed and it is very costly and product supply to these installations. As Antalya Clips, we took pride in providing our services to all our customers in providing the product variety they demand.

With Antalya sera plastic, there is a need for products in very high tonnages with a volume of almost 70% of Turkey’s volume. In response to this volume, the amount needed will become more affordable with the daily production capacity of 1000 packages of greenhouse clips of our Antalya Clips brand.

Plastic Clip Products

Our factory has developed its clip product range in recent years, becoming the potential supplier of all greenhouse installation companies. The clip models produced in our factory are as follows. ;

  • Greenhouse clip with Richell circlip
  • circlip greenhouse clip
  • Aytekin type greenhouse clip
  • C set greenhouse clip
  • Tarteks 8 greenhouse clip
  • 8 greenhouse clips with hammer head
  • Classic 8 greenhouse clip
  • llama lath
  • watermelon slat
  • chick clip
  • Snap latch clip
  • plant clip

And we undertake the goal of producing all the areas where plastic enters in agricultural areas, by entering into the production of mulch nylon.

You can view our product brochure from the link below.

Banana Greenhouses
Antalya Sera Clips Plastik Ürün broşür resim ürünü

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