Plastic Flat Strip Clips

Plastic lama is used in some regions, with its other name, lath, wiping, as a kind of strip.

Lata, which is used on iron in plastic greenhouses, cuts the contact between the cover and the iron, prolonging the life of nylon and offering a healthier use.

The screw strip section in the middle of the flat and the PVC section in the middle ensure that the screwing process is completed in a healthy way.

Both sides of the plastic lath product can be used in the same way and it eliminates the problem of searching for directions during assembly.

More value, more quality and much more customer satisfaction oriented service is provided.
Plastic Flat Strip Clips
Plastic Flat Strip Clips

Strip Greenhouse Clips Product Features

1- Lama  Does not crack during screwing

2- Lama Any desired length can be produced.

3- Lata does not change shape from the sun. 3- Wiping It has a slightly soft structure.

4- Flat Package length is 150 m in standard

5- Llama Package weight is made as 21-25-27 kg.

6- Llama Shipment is sent as 1 bale 7- Lata Each bale is 30 packages.