Hammer Head Greenhouse Clips

It is the best and highest quality round type greenhouse clips product ever produced. Compared to other old models, it integrates with the place where it is nailed with its top clamping structure, which is a greenhouse clips with a hammer head and earrings, which provides many innovations, assurance and quality. Thanks to the clip earrings that are firmly attached, it will never cut and damage the nylon. Two main objectives were taken into consideration while designing the hammerhead greenhouse clip model.
1. It is aimed to make the work of the personnel working in the summer heat easier, to shorten the nailing time and not to expose the personnel to the sun more, thanks to its increased strength with the flat hammer striking places on the top.
2. The possibility of cutting the nylon, which is one of the biggest complaints of the greenhouse owners who prefer the hammer-head greenhouse clips, has been eliminated thanks to the earrings. The greenhouse clips model with hammer head and earrings, which we designed by considering all the possibilities of material damage, breakage, tearing, etc., both in the clip and in the nylon, put all the round models produced until now into the background.
It will be appreciated to make two faces smile in one product.
Antalya Clips is a SENGIL Procolor brand, and we have carried our quality since 1990, when we started production, with the quality control stages, test units, gas purchases, and the product and service understanding of 0 harm to nature.
Hammer Head Greenhouse Clips
Hammer Head Greenhouse Clips

Hammer Head Greenhouse Clips Product Features

1- It is designed to fit into a round 8 mm iron.
2- Placed in greenhouse gutters
3- Does not break
Produced in 
4- 3 meters (can be extended if desired)
5- It is used to fix the greenhouse cover.
6- Package amount is 50
7- It is produced in accordance with all kinds of climatic conditions.
8-The greenhouse clip package has a total meter length of 150 meters.
9- One mouth is open.
It will never be dismantled unless you remove it on the greenhouse iron for many years.
10 Patented by Antalya Clips. In case of production by other companies, the legal action process is initiated.

Hammer Head Greenhouse Clips
Hammer Head Greenhouse Clips